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Speed Mentoring by GrowthClub

Are you a startup entrepreneur? By Elon Musk's account "running a startup is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss". GrowthClub is a community of founders with an average of $5K+ MRR where founders exchange growth hacks and build genuine connections in 1-on-1 video calls. Running this community has taught us that sharing your struggles, getting different perspectives on your challenges, and being helpful to others help founders to progress on their journey.

That's why we want to organize Speed Mentoring to let everyone taste a bit of GrowthClub experience, for free.

How It Works
video-call (2).png

1h Zoom

 We will create a Zoom video call and match registered foudners with each other.


10 min x
4 founders

 Meet 4 founders during this one hour call. Each of these founder meetings will last 10 minutes. You will have 5 minutes to share your challenge and get feedback, perspectives, ideas, growth hacks, then roles switch. 


Quality participants

We have the following requirements for participants:

 - You have a scalable startup idea.

 - You are working on it full-time.

 - You already have some revenue or some other evidence that you are taking it seriously.


Thursday 10th September at 9 am PDT (San Francisco) / 6 pm CET (Amsterdam)

The event will last 1 hours

Signup for Speed Mentoring
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