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About US

GrowthClub is a new concept created by two personal development geeks and startup entrepreneurs. We are big fans of proven and scientific models and methodologies like coaching, therapy, mentoring, and peer learning. We believe that not enough support systems exist in our society for helping us progress on our path, and often that support requires people around us and their different perspectives to shed light on reality. This is how GrowthClub came about. We hope you join us in building this great community!


Maxim Zavadskiy,



I dared to ask "Is there a better alternative for personal development than life coaches?" and that resulted in me working full-time on GrowthClub. 


Dima Syrotkin,



CEO of Panda Training, a startup that develops micro-coaching for businesses. I used Maxim's GrowthClub service, fell in love with it, and ended up helping him.

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