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Meet 1 founder per week with GrowthClub subscription.

Monthly Subscription

First month $15 (then $25 / mo)
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Yearly Subscription

Save 20%.
$20 per month, billed in yearly cycles
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What is included

4 meetings per month (4 different founders)

Founders with avg. MRR $5000

Member-only Slack group

Web-based video-call platform with smart agenda & dial-in features

Follow-up meetings with founders that you liked

Email support directly with the founder of GrowthClub

  • With whom will I be matched with?
    You will be matched with your peer who is a founder of a startup. Every week it will be a different founder. We don't have any particular requirement for founders. But we do check that they are at least part-time founders of a new innovative ventures. Founders could be from any kind of vertical and any stage of a venture. We try to send you a match from a similar timezone so you can have easier time scheduling a video call. We don't hire on-purpose any phycologists, life-coaches or therapists to the platform.
  • How am I supposed to connect with the people I get matched with?
    Ultimately, it's up to you, but we recommend doing a video call.
  • Are the meetings supposed to happen online or offline? What technology should I use?
    You can decide together with your match. We don't promise to match people from the same city so face to face meetings might be challenging to arrange. But if you happen to be from the same city - feel free to meet face to face!
  • How often am I supposed to get matched?
    It's up to you, the maximum is once per week, but you can skip weeks that are too busy for you.
  • What is the meeting format?
    We will provide a few frameworks through the educational emails, but it's up to you and your partner to choose what you are comfortable with, also if it's a completely free-flowing conversation.
  • What if I don't value the educational emails that much?
    No problem, feel free to unsubscribe.
  • How much does it cost?
    It is a subscription service, $ 50 per month.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    We are sad to see you go and hope you will keep growing! To cancel a subscription go to
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