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Frequently asked questions


Our residents' rooms are decorated and furnished to high standards. We give priority to everyone’s comfort, making all rooms really homely. If required, we will even redecorate a room to suit a new guest's tastes and style.
All rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Double rooms are available for any couples who wish to stay.

Our team

Friars Mead has well trained care and support staff. The care home staff play a vital role in promoting the wellbeing of residents. We will do our very best to: -Employ staff in sufficient numbers and with a relevant mix of skills to meet residents’ needs. -Provide, at all times, an appropriate number of staff with qualifications in health and social care. -Observe recruitment policies and practices which both respect equal opportunities and protect residents’ safety and welfare. -Supervise and monitor the performance of all staff and volunteers to ensure they have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to deliver a high quality, care-centric service. -Offer a range of training and development opportunities to maximise the potential of each employee. -Train staff in first aid, enabling them to deal with an initial emergency before external support services are called to assess further treatment requirements. -Train senior staff in diagnostic care and awareness. The Management ensure that all staff receive appropriate training to recognised standards. The staff recognise the need for good communication with both residents, families and visitors are always welcome.


Various activities are posted in prominent places throughout the home and on the noticeboard in the dining room. We aim to provide a range of activities that are both enjoyable and stimulating. We recognise and respect that residents will have differing lifestyle preferences and that the need for social and leisure activities will vary from one person to another. Some residents will have an active social life while others will want a level of privacy and independence from others. We will seek to respond to these unique differences and we will ensure that each resident has the opportunity to pursue hobbies and leisure interests, and participate in social activities as they wish. We enable residents to learn new skills such as computer skills, We will also ensure that the residents are able to exercise choice in relation to their personal and social relationships, both within and outside the care home. We are committed to the involvement of family and friends where this is important to the resident. A varied programme of activities... Our social calendar is strongly driven by our residents and we always have a varied programme of events arranged. The programme includes such things as darts, board games, bingo, karaoke and dominoes. Residents are kept informed of planned activities and events and are free to choose whether or not to join in. We support residents to take part in the life of the local community and access to leisure, educational and recreational facilities according to their wishes.

Care and support

Individual care by experienced staff Every new resident is assigned an experienced member of our care staff with whom an individual Care Plan is agreed. Their member of staff will ensure that the new resident settles comfortably into Friars Mead. Personal introductions are effected to both residents and staff. Full contact with family and friends is actively encouraged at all times.

Home-cooked meals

The meals at Friars Mead Care Home are nutritious and can cater for special dietary needs by arrangement. There is always a choice of three dishes at every meal. You can find out more about food and nutrition at Friars Mead here .

Other services

Newspapers – Staff can make arrangements for daily newspapers or magazines to be delivered. Hairdresser – A hairdresser visits once per week and appointments should be made in advance. Chiropodist – A private chiropodist visits the home on a regular basis. Dentist – Arrangements can be made for a dentist to visit you or you may retain your own dentist.

Contact us

You are very welcome to contact us for more information. Why not request a brochure or arrange a visit to come and see for yourself. Rockliffe Avenue, Kings Langley, Herts WD4 8DR
01923 609944

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