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Find that 20% which moves 80% of your startup

Peer support platform for solo founders, powered by structured video meetings

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Why Join

Clarify your focus

A startup by definition has limited resources. Therefore, knowing what 20% of actions will bring you 80% of results is essential. Structured video meetings with fellow founders will help you get your priorities straight.

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Brainstorm and get advice

Every founder has a unique set of growth hacks and expertise they developed. Information in books is rarely as relevant and timely as advice on your specific challenges from another founder during a live call.


Get confidence to execute

Often we know what we need to do, but we are not doing it for some reason. Fellow founders you meet in GrowthClub will easily spot that. Here you get that confidence to boldly execute, instead of overthinking every time. 

How it works

GrowthClub Meeting Framework

Weekly introductions

You'll receive an invitation to a video call with a different founder every week. You can do follow-up meetings with founders you found most helpful.

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video calls

Video calls are always 1-on-1 and last 30 minutes. It's just you and the other founder. Since it's a peer-to-peer call, there are no mentors or mentees.


Facilitated Meetings

During the meeting, you get to choose from a few dynamic agendas we offer, such as Focus, Prioritization, Decision-Making, etc.. A number of questions structured in a specific order will help you gain insight into a relevant topic.

How it works

The Community


High barrier of entry

We screen the founders using a number of criteria like revenue, funding, startup experience, etc. A membership fee ensures that we only accept highly-committed members. The average monthly recurring revenue across members of GrowthClub is $5000.



By meeting diverse founders you get different perspectives on your business. Our members come from 15+ countries. Some of the verticals are HR, AdTech, FinTech, Retail, E-commerce, Education and Marketplace.


The Vibe

You won't find anyone who wants to sell you something or exploit you here. Our founders are unusually nice people and they love helping each other. Helpfulness is one of our selection criteria.

What Members Say


200+ members, 40+ countries


🇦🇺 Sydney

Founder at CareerDC,

A platform with a mission to help young students & graduates perform online internships regardless of their location to help them gain practical skills to kick start their careers.


Founder at Milkymap,

Design, share and improve your Customer Experience. Improve collaboration in your organization and build a business that is loved by every customer.

🇳🇱 Amsterdam


🇮🇳 Delhi

Founder at Atom,

We use game design & behavioral psychology to help you build habit


🇨🇦 Toronto

Co-Founder at BriefBid,

Media Discovery & Vendor Management Platform for Media Buyers


🇺🇸 Atlanta

Founder at Blend Me, Inc,

We help startups improve the remote employee experience. Our services include onboarding, inclusion and diversity, employee research and internal marketing and communications.


🇨🇭 Zurich

Founder at C WIRE,

Content distribution platform for long form video content within the right context on premium websites

And 194 more
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