Meet startup founders with
~$5000 MRR

Exchange growth hacks and build genuine connections in 1-on-1 video calls

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GrowthClub ❤️


Exchange growth hacks

Every founder has unique set of small hacks and methods she developed. Often you won't find the in books. Only by talking to another founder you can discover those hacks that you can put to work in your own startup

Build genuine connections

Real connections are born while helping each other, not from asking favors or trying to sell something. In GrowthClub we use one-on-one video calls, meeting agendas geared towards peer support and follow-up sessions

Keep yourself accountable

Get your ass kicked by fellow founders. In GrowthClub we set time-bound goals and commit to weekly actions. Goals and weekly actions are visible to your partner during the call

How it works

Weekly introductions

Weekly you will receive an invitation to a video call with a founder. You will meet a different founder every time

video calls

The calls are always 1-on-1 -  there is only you and another founder. It is a peer to peer call - there are no mentors and mentees. The calls last about 1 hour and hosted on our in-house build software

in calls

In GrowthClub you set goals to focus the conversation on most valuable topics. Agenda ensures that noone dominates the discussion and both founders get something out of it


The Community

High barrier of entry

We screen the founders using a number of criteria like revenue, funding, startup experience, etc. Membership fee ensures that we have highly-committed members. Average monthly recurring revenue across members of GrowthClub is $5000


By meeting diverse founders you get different perspectives on your business. Our members come from 10+ countries. Some of the verticals are HR, AdTech, FinTech, Retail, E-commerce, Education and Marketplace

The Vibe

You won't find here someone trying to sell you something or exploit you. Our founders are unusually nice people and they love helping each other. Helpfulness is one of our selection criteria

What Members Say


Our members, from 14 countries

🇦🇺 Sydney

Founder at CareerDC,

A platform with a mission to help young students & graduates perform online internships regardless of their location to help them gain practical skills to kick start their careers.

Founder at Milkymap,

Design, share and improve your Customer Experience. Improve collaboration in your organization and build a business that is loved by every customer.

🇳🇱 Amsterdam

🇮🇳 Delhi

Founder at Atom,

We use game design & behavioral psychology to help you build habit

🇨🇦 Toronto

Co-Founder at BriefBid,

Media Discovery & Vendor Management Platform for Media Buyers

🇺🇸 Atlanta

Founder at Blend Me, Inc,

We help startups improve the remote employee experience. Our services include onboarding, inclusion and diversity, employee research and internal marketing and communications.

🇨🇭 Zurich

Founder at C WIRE,

Content distribution platform for long form video content within the right context on premium websites

And many more!

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