Peer to peer coaching for founders. 50% cheaper.

Hope you enjoyed the Decision-Making workshop. Signup using the form below for a trial meeting and get a 50% discount on your first month.

then 25$ for the first month


Develop essential founder skills


Gain clarity about what's important. Often we get lost in overthinking. An external perspective will help to see the forest for the trees.


We all know we should eat well, sleep well and exercise. Why do we procrastinate? Coaching will help you commit to change.

Stress management

Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss. Learn how to manage your stress in conversations with other founders.


How it works

Weekly introductions

Weekly you will receive an invitation to a video call with a founder. You will meet a different founder every week

Peer to peer coaching

At GrowthClub we don't do small talk. During the video call you will use ROSA coaching system: identify weaknesses, set goals & commit to action.

Tools & Frameworks

In GrowthClub founders become coaches. You will receive bi-weekly bite-sized material on coaching tools & frameworks to make your GrowthClub meetings more effective every time.


The Service

High-quality founders

We screen the founders using a number of criteria like revenue, funding, startup experience, etc.


Our platform allows you to practice the basics of coaching. You will be asked insightful questions, not just given another advice.


First week is free, then starting at $40 per month for 4 coaching sessions with various founders. The comparison point could be hiring a coach: $200+/hour.

What Members Say


Some Of Our Members

Founder at C WIRE,

content distribution platform for long form video content within the right context on premium websites


All Tech Topics, Hiring, Looking Mean, Media Industry, Big Data & Stream Processing

Qualified eSignatures and eID identification so easy and cheap that it is a commodity


e-ID, PKI, Cryptography, Laravel, Product Development from Business and Technical Side.

Founder at Atom,

we use game design & behavioral psychology to help you build habit


Product Management

Founder at Panda Training,

Executive micro-coaching to support management teams in dealing with the crisis and building the future.


Not Giving Up, Enterprise Sales, Coaching, Organizational Learning, PhD Candidate in Self-management, Read a Book per Week and Host a YT channel.

Co-Founder at IMSHOP.IO

Shopping apps for retail and ecommerce as a service


Mobile Apps, Ecommerce, Retail, Bootstrapping, EdTech, Solution Selling, B2B SaaS

Co-Founder at BriefBid,

Media Discovery & Vendor Management Platform for Media Buyers


AdTech, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Leadership Development

Founder at Workly,

Workly is a digital assistant for a recruiter allowing hire candidates 3X faster


Marketing, Business development, Hiring

Founder at GrowthClub ,

a peer to peer coaching platform for founders


No-code MVPs, Web Development, EdTech, Parkour


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